Building Better Transitions With iOS 7

I gave my first iOS related tech talk yesterday at Alt Tech Talks London, which was a blast, especially to share the stage with such accomplished people in the iOS community.

As I said in my talk, transitions are important, and the flexibilty brought on by the opening up of the transition system in iOS 7 has created some opportunities for developers to make their apps standout and provide a better experience for their users.

Ironically, I built my presentation as a series of videos, animations, and transitions, and so it doesn’t really make sense to post the slides as a flat PDF. Instead I’ve posted an Xcode project that includes all the code so that you can open it up and fiddle around with it, read the comments, or use it as a basis for transitions in your own apps. Here is the final product of a customized modal transition:

Example Custom Modal Transition in iOS 7 from Eric Allam on Vimeo.

Check it out on Github or Download the ZIP.